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Poster - 38" x 14" - Project of Experiments - £15.95

Hang a piece of American history on your wall. This unique poster is a replica of the actual hand sketched chart of experiments conducted at the National Armoury (Springfield, MA) and drafted in March of 1875.

This chart displays the various experiments conducted using the .45 calibre bullet weighing between 200 grains and 800 grains, with powder charges between 10 grains and 140 grains, and barrel lengths between 1 inch and 12 inches. The test results show that the .45 calibre cartridge loaded with 70 grains of black powder and with a bullet weight of 405 grains was the optimal choice for the service cartridge in the 32 5/8 barrelled model 1873 trapdoor Springfield rifle.

The findings of these experiments confirmed the validity and utility of the 45-70-405 (45-70 Government) as a viable infantry cartridge capable of volley fire well beyond that era's accepted limit of effective range. …and it just looks cool!

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Poster - 38" x 27" - American Heritage - £15.95

The American Heritage poster is the 8th member in our cartridge poster series. This poster highlights black powder ammunition (Rifle, Shotgun, and Handgun) used by the American Rifleman and US Military from 1776 to roughly 1885 when the conversion was made to smokeless powder.

It includes all versions of musket ball, paper and combustibles, and self contained black powder munitions that were used by the US military including Confederate and Union Civil War ammunition.

This poster displays Sharps, Bullard, Ballard, Burnside, Peabody (What Cheer), Remington, Hepburn, Maynard, Stevens, Winchester, Spencer, Colt, Thuers, Mississippi Rifle, Snyder, Roper, Evans, Wesson, Smith & Wesson, Ward-Burton, Meigs, Dangerfield-LeFever, Schofield, and Roberts.

Poster - 36" x 24" - American Standard Bullets - £15.95

The American Standard bullet poster is full color. Images are all actual size (within 4/1000 of an inch). The poster includes all American Standardized Cartridges (Rifle, Handgun, and Shotgun), military surplus and a few bonus cartridges as well. The poster displays 165 unique rifle cartridges, 55 handgun cartridges, and 9 different shotgun gauges.

Wildcat, proprietary, and obsolete-historic cartridges are not included in this poster.

Handgun Section

The Handgun section covers cartridges from the 17 HMR and 22 LR to the 500 S&W including the 5.7x28 and the 44-40, 38-40, and the 357 Maximum, 445 Super Mag, and the 45 Win Mag.

Shotgun Section

The shotgun cartridges include the 410 and 32 gauge up to the 8 gauge.


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Poster - 36" x 24" - BIG BORE (Std & Obsolete) Bullets - £15.95

The Big Bore - Standard & Obsolete poster is full color - 36" wide and 24" tall. It provides images of over 215 rifle cartridges - all actual size (within 4/1000 of an inch). These include Standard, Historic, and Military rifle cartridges side by side. This poster is a must have for any collector or big bore enthusiast.

The cartridges progress (relatively) from smallest caliber and smallest case capacity to the largest. These progress from the 400 caliber up to the 700 Nitro Express.

The poster also includes historically significant cartridges like the 12 Gauge Paradox, 4 Bore, 1" Nordenfelt, 50 BAT Spotter, 50 BMG, .5 Vickers, 12.7x 108 Russian, 20mm, 25mm 30mm and more.


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Poster - 36" x 24" - British Cartridges - £15.95

Our first poster dedicated solely to British Cartridges.


More information coming soon...


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Poster - 18" x 24" - Game & Ammo© - Hunting Cartridge - £11.95

Cartridge Comparison Guide is pleased to announce our latest poster (#10) - Game & Ammo © built specifically for youth, beginning hunters, & other enthusiasts. This poster should open the reader’s view to the range and breadth of game animals that can be hunted on the world stage, while providing a strong sampling of proven cartridges for hunting these animals. This poster should be an exciting and very beneficial visual aid for anyone who reads it. The context, proximity and overall arrangement should encourage good and informed discussion as well as correctly couched questions from anyone who reads it. In fact, this poster was developed in cooperation with Hunter Education instructors to develop a superior teaching tool.


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Poster - 36" x 24" - Handgun Cartridges - £15.95

The Handgun Cartridges poster contains Metric, USA, and British cartridges.

Over 320 Life Size Handgun Cartridges (within 4/1000 of an inch)

Includes prominent WWI & WWII era Military & Ordinance Revolver and Automatic Handgun cartridges. Including Webley, Bulldog, Nagant, Nambu, Pieper, Bergmann, Tranter, Gasser, Colt, Maxim, Browning, Mannlicher, Steyr, Sauer, Mauser, and others.

Includes a full range of cartridges from the 2.7mm and 3mm Kolibris up to 50 Cal cartridges such as the 500 Tranter, 50 G.I., 50 A&E (Desert Eagle), and the 500 S&W.

The poster features the first revolver and automatic cartridges from the 1800s into the early 1900s from all over the world. From the American Wild West the first Colt, Remington, Ballard, M&H, Henry, Herters, and Army revolver cartridges. From England & Europe - Rook, Morris, Francotte, Canne, Roth, Cattle Killer, Rast-Gassers, Ordinance (French, Dutch, German, Italian, Swiss), Russian, Montenegrin, Nagant Brazil, and Genschow.

The poster also includes modern cartridges such as the 5.7x28 FN, 22 TCM, 25 & 32 N.A.A., 9x18mm Ultra, 357 Sig, 9x25 DoubleTap, 357 Rem. Max, 400 Cor-Bon, 445 Super Mag, 460 Roland, and more.


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Poster - 38" x 27" - Metric and European Cartridges - £15.95

Brand New! The Metric and European poster contains the most common metric cartridges. More information coming soon!


The poster provides full colour images of over 280 cartridges, paper and combustibles, or projectiles - all life size (within 4/1000 of an inch). Images are full colour on High gloss / High quality 100lb poster paper.


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Poster - 38" x 27" - Rifleman's Classic Cartridges - £15.95

The Rifleman's Classic bullet poster is full colour. Images are all actual size (within 4/1000 of an inch). The poster includes all American Standardized Rifle Cartridges (as of 2013) and many European Rifle cartridges. The poster is a good representation of military cartridges dating back to WWI and includes cartridges such as the 13X92mm MSR and the 55 Boys.

The poster displays 272 unique rifle cartridges.


This poster works complimentary to Cartridge Comparison Guide book and the BIG BORE and American Standard Posters.


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Poster - 36" x 24" - Wildcat Big Bore - £15.95

The Wildcat Big Bore poster includes significant cartridges such as the 400 Whelen and 400-505 Gibbs, 416-404 Jeffery, 416-577 Wells, 460 G&A, 460 Majoor, 458 Ackley Mag, 500 Rafiki, 585 Nyati, 577-700 Westley Richards, 700 Hubel, 729 Jongmans, and 750 Perry Nitro. It also includes Nitro Ball and Paradox rounds from 20 Gauge up through 8 Gauge with additional oversized shotgun rounds such as the 3.1" 20 Gauge and the 3-1/2 inch Belted 12 Gauge. As well as classics such as the 4 Bore, 3 Bore, and 2 Bore. Finally, it is complimented with Anti-Material rounds such as 50 BMG, 12.7 Russian, 14.5mm AT, 60 AT, 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm (AKA The A-10 Warthog round).

This poster is dedicated to Wildcat and Proprietary Big Bore cartridges. Standard and Obsolete Big Bore cartridges are covered by our Big Bore (Standard & Obsolete) poster. The two posters compliment each other very well.


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