Modern firearms & accessories

We pride ourselves on keeping fully up to date with all the new developments in shooting and have a very active testing department looking to improve all aspects of modern firearms and accessories.

As pioneers of rapid, early target acquisition we find the use of red dot reflex sighting systems at the forefront of efficient shooting on many weapon platforms.

Following extensive research and testing our suppliers have worked with us to find the best solutions in modern optics, building on the proven success of former products we continue to evolve as shooters.


Antique firearms, ammunition & parts

We fully appreciate the design contribution of our shooting ancestors and take a passionate interest in research and use of historic weapons, ammunition and accessories.  As enthusiastic collectors and shooters of historic category weapons we can offer some truly unique and hard to find items to fellow collectors.


Custom firearms & accessories

Progressing from our knowledge of Antique and Modern firearms and accessories, we are at the sharp end of modern high performance evolution.  This is reflected in our representation of the excellent products and services of our preferred Gunsmith, Richard Wilson, with whom an association of over 25 years has resulted in a performance and reliability that has remained unchallenged in Europe.



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